Latham Thomas: The Necessity of Sacred Spaces

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“You have to cultivate within what you are asking for.” - Latham Thomas Click To Tweet

Do you ever feel like you need to keep busy? That you need to rush rush rush, and keep on the move in order to get what you want? Chances are you are doing more harm than good.

We get lost in the rush of life sometimes, and what we really need to do is take a moment to ourselves. We are taught that as adults we need to stop playing, that it’s only for children. The truth is we need to take time out of our day to play, because that’s when we are the most creative.

Even companies in Silicon Valley have discovered the rewards of play and tapping into your inner self by setting up game rooms. We all need that time to ourselves to just let our brains do what they naturally want to do.

Take time every day to step away from technology and just let your mind wander. We all have a GPS inside of us that guides us to where we need to go. If we don’t take the time to check in with our intuition and creativity, we’re going to get lost and end up on the wrong path.

On this episode of Redefining Wealth we are joined by an amazing guest, Latham Thomas. Latham has studied and harnessed the power of our inner GPS. She joins us today to discuss what we need to do to make sure we are really listening to ourselves and going down the path to the wealth we want.

Download this episode today to learn how you can get in touch with your GPS and find the fulfillment you deserve.

“We have to be mindful what we consume and what consumes us.” - Latham Thomas Click To Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • We transform everything that is handed to us.
  • A lot of people know what to say, that doesn’t mean they embody it.
  • When you learn something, put it into practice.
  • Let your intuition be your guide.
  • There is a timeline of this life in this body.
  • Check in with yourself constantly, like you do with your GPS in your car.
  • Always think about the process about how you want to show up.
  • If you don’t feel like doing it, just say no.
  • Control what you allow in your space.
  • You need to recharge yourself.
  • Try everything and find the things that work for you.
  • Give yourself time to play.
  • A real break is taking yourself away from technology.
  • Wealth is a birthright.
“Play is an important pathway to creativity.” - Latham Thomas Click To Tweet



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  • Erica Mathis

    I’m a big kid at heart so I love that heard that if you play that it is a pathway to creativity.

  • Denshai Lee

    Own Your Glow is on my 2018 reading list. After listening to this podcast I set my word and phrase for 2018. My word is Effortless and my phrase is Alignment is the New Hustle. This episode was so powerful as a mother and career woman who is gearing up to add more to my plate. I love that she encourages personal development but also encourages us to know that we have a built in GPS that we just have to tune into.

  • Kimberly_Coleman

    The point about putting into practice what you learn challenged me to be more focused on the content that I consume so that I can do just that!

  • Cherell Cottrell-Daniels

    Letting your intuition be your guide is such a pertinent statement. Sometimes we ignore our intuition, because we doubt our capabilities. This is something I have been working on all year and in 2018 I will start trusting my intuition in every aspect of my life.

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