Gratitude, Giving + Genuine Abundance

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Do you feel like things just aren’t happening for you, no matter how smart or talented you are? Chances are you’re stuck on one, if not both, of the two G’s.

The two G’s we are discussing today are Gratitude and Giving. Both are powerful things that affect all areas of your life.

The first, gratitude, is something we really only do when things are going right in our worlds. That’s when being grateful is convenient. It’s when you’re down and in dark places that you need it the most. You have to fight for gratitude, and make sure you have it every day.

But don’t just hold it in, let others know you are grateful. No one wants to be around, or work with, someone that they don’t feel appreciates them.

The second G, giving, is something people think they do, but often do it wrong. They give for the wrong reasons. They do it to be selfish, and to try to get something back.

Every time you give you will get something back. It may not be from that person, and it may not be what you expect, but you will get back. Just don’t make what you get be the reason you give.

My biggest suggestion is to give then forget. When you do that you won’t even worry about what’s coming – it’ll just be there waiting for you and the surprise makes it all the better.

On this episode of Redefining Wealth I discuss into much more detail the important of these two Gs, and how they affect your overall wealth.

Download this episode today to hear how helping others and finding appreciation in even the darkest times will lead you to a happier, wealthier, and all around better life.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Wealth is about the condition of well being.
  • What you verbalize you magnetize.
  • Your attitude towards a process will determine your success with the process.
  • The two G’s today are Gratitude and Giving.
  • Gratitude isn’t something that you casually do.
  • You have to fight for your gratitude.
  • You have to show gratitude before you can be blessed with more.
  • No one wants to work with someone who isn’t grateful.
  • It’s easy to be cheery when everything’s going your way.
  • Most of us think we are great givers – not so.
  • Are you giving from a place of obligation?
  • Don’t give in order to get back.
  • Give and forget.
  • Giving comes back in other forms.
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  • angela

    Love that comment of a blessing in the lesson. Somebody said, “Don’t wait for the storms of life to pass, learn to dance in the rain!”

    • Patrice Cunningham Washington

      YES! Love that quote, as well. So true.

  • Dominique Morgan

    Thank you so much every episode is so enlighting and inspiring! Faith and finance. I loved how you spoke in times we are waiting on God but God is really waiting on us. Faith without works is dead!!

    • Patrice Cunningham Washington

      I appreciate that, Dominique! Keep me in your prayers.

  • Venise Vinegar

    Caught a little bit of How To Walk in Expectancy before I started Gratitude, Giving & Abundance. I was rooting for Ms. Jamaica too! God definitely has another calling for her and we will be seeing more of her! Back to Gratitude and Giving and checking our spirits. Yes! Yes!!! I get to be grateful for each new day. I start each new day with The Lord’s Prayer. I will fight for every second of every day to maintain my attitude of gratitude no matter what my circumstances. I give to help others get through their darkest times so that we all will be lead to happier, wealthier and all around better lives. I give and forget and I believe there is wealth in that alone. Thank you Patrice.

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