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How to Move Your Payment Due Date

Unknown-10Are all of your bills due at exactly the same time of the month? Tired of feeling broke 24 hours after you get paid?

While you may feel stuck with whatever is handed to you, many companies are actually willing to work with you. Contrary to popular belief, the process to get your due dates changed is relatively easily.  No one is out to cause you a financial hardship each month. The creditors just want their money and stretching a few of these due dates throughout the entire month could very well help you breathe a little. Different creditors may have different policies on how to achieve this, but a great percentage do have a policy in place to get it done.

Here are few steps to follow in order to move your payment due date:

  • Seek out help immediately. Don’t wait until you’ve missed a few payments or have been late excessively. On one hand, it does demonstrate that there is clearly a problem, but on the other it may lower your negotiation power. Get help quickly before you ruin your credit over something thats an easy fix.  
  • Check the company’s website first. Several credit cards and utility companies have instructions plainly listed there about what it will take to change the new date. Its usually found under a Customer Service related tab and will guide you to follow prompts in order to complete your request properly.
  • Call directly. If you can’t find anything online or your one of those people that needs to hold a live person accountable in case something goes wrong, then find the number to call on your statement or on the creditor's website. You will almost certainly get an automated message, so listen carefully to the available options and choose appropriately or you’ll waste a lot of time being transferred back and forth. When you get to a live person, specifically request to speak to someone who can assist you in changing your due date. Sometimes, you may be able to request the change over the phone and other times you’ll be requested to go online or send the request in writing.
  • Wait for confirmation. Unless you speak to a live person who confirms a new date and when it takes affect, keep your old routine. You will likely have a waiting period before hearing via mail or email if you are approved for the change or not. Confirm the new due date on your next billing statement and make on-time payments until then and especially after.
Don't keep suffering from unnecessary hardship when you can do something about. It's time to get proactive instead of being reactive!

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