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Quick Tip on Turning Your Passion into Your Payday

pursuit of profitWhat stops most people from actually pursuing their passion is the fact that they need a paycheck to actually sustain themselves. At every turn, I hear advice recommending that we all simply figure out our gift, follow this passion and everything else will fall into place. I believe, however, that there is a fundamental step in this formula that enough people don’t acknowledge.

I don’t believe you should waste time pursuing a passion you haven’t taken time to perfect. Who cares if you are “naturally” good at something? While you’re somewhere pouting about people not recognizing how “good” you are, there are others out there taking time to make the same skill GREAT! And, therefore, turning the exact same passion into their payday.

Discovering your purpose or gift is really only the first step to creating a fulfilling life.  Once you've been fortunate enough to realize what the gift is, I believe the equation to true passion driven success may resemble something like this:




The problem in our culture is we want to acknowledge the fact that we are passionate about something and just pursue and prosper! Forget planning and who the heck has time to perfect? And don't mention time! We don't have time to put time in. All we know is it’s ours and we want it now; and not like right now, but like yesterday! We just want to throw something together and get a reward. But honestly, whatever happened to the concept of putting time in, honing your skills, paying your dues?  What happened to our ability to recognize that most overnight successes actually work on their craft for 5, 10 or even 15 years before we even hear a faint whisper about who they are?

To be clear, your gift is the thing you do the best with the least amount of effort. Your passion is the activity you have a strong desire for or the thing that gives you the most energy. Just because you are passionate about something, it doesn’t mean that it’s your God-given gift. In other words, it doesn’t mean you’re even good at it. Planning and perfecting may cause you to become better, but you'd have to put some time in to even figure that out and again, that's where most folks fall off.

Putting time in is about becoming intentional about the actions you take while pursuing your opportunity to profit. In other words, you have to plan ways to exercise your talent as you look towards being recognized for it. That could come in the form of volunteering or offering to do something pro bono. Putting time in is also about perfecting this gift. Remember, just because you’re good at it, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to put effort into being great at it. And the bonus is that there are people you will meet along the way that can help you fulfill your goals. People can tell what your waiting on when they see what and how much you’re working on it.

In a nutshell, it’s time to get passionate about your gift and then put some effort into planning, perfecting and then pursuing it! If you’re not making progress, or better yet, a paycheck, on something you’re passionate about perhaps it’s because you’re skipping a few steps!

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