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Patrice Washington

"Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth...because becoming Wealthy has 100% nothing to do with Money."

Real Money Answers: College Life and Beyond


A MUST read for teens, young adults and the parents who don’t want them back home after college! As the Straight Talk No Chaser of personal finance books, this question and answer guide, gives quick, straightforward, practical money advice simple enough for anyone to both understand and implement immediately.

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On this engaging and uplifting CD program, Patrice helps you discover your own power, wisdom, and inner strength through the mastery of the words you speak over your life, your relationships and your personal finances. You may not be aware of how influential your spoken words are. When you say anything, you are, in fact, extending your inner self-talk to create a similar world around you. In her warm, yet bold and powerful way, Patrice walks with you on a journey to elevate your thinking in order to elevate your income and your life. . . And the most amazing part is, you can make substantial change in 28 days or less!
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