How to Walk in Expectancy

Do you have expectations that don’t work out exactly how you want? Do you feel like you spend all of your energy trying to make things perfect and exactly how you visioned them, only to be [...]

EP 16: How to Train Your Brain to Expect More

Do you want to know how to be more positive and confident? It’s human to struggle with negative thoughts. But it’s crucial that we train our brain to counter and be more optimistic. [...]

Gratitude, Giving + Genuine Abundance

Do you feel like things just aren’t happening for you, no matter how smart or talented you are? Chances are you’re stuck on one, if not both, of the two G’s. The two G’s we are discussing today [...]

The Diderot Effect: Why We Buy Things We Don’t Need

How many times have you bought a new dress but felt like you didn’t have anything to go with it? Even if that dress was a great deal, when you consider the shoes you bought to go with it, the [...]

EP 15: How to Budget for the Holidays

Do the holidays tend to stress you out? You’re not alone! Far too many of us become overwhelmed by trivial things; from the decorations most people won’t even pay attention to, to what we [...]

Finish Strong: Determine What’s Important Now

How many times have you said to yourself, “This is the year I’m going to do this,” or “I’m finally going to save money,” but nothing happens? That’s because you need to learn how to finish [...]


EP 14: 4 Tools for Managing a Virtual Team

Do you work within a virtual team? I’ve been managing a completely virtual team for 3 years now and I’ve definitely learned some things the hard way. One of my biggest challenges initially was [...]

Latham Thomas: The Necessity of Sacred Spaces

Do you ever feel like you need to keep busy? That you need to rush rush rush, and keep on the move in order to get what you want? Chances are you are doing more harm than good. We get lost in the [...]